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Terms Of Agreement:

Section 1.1 The Services

Neighborhood Parcel will perform regular service and/or a one-time purge at a specific location agreed upon by both parties in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Both parties will mutually establish a schedule or one time purge with Neighborhood Parcel.  Both parties will mutually agree to a service charge prior to the service being conducted. Neighborhood Parcel will securely collect all confidential material from the Client location. The confidential material will be shredded offsite or will be securely transported to a Neighborhood Parcel facility for destruction. The material will be transported in locked security containers / Vehicle. All material will be shredded to comply with Federal and State regulations. We will produce a certificate of destruction upon completion of the service.

1.2 Obligation of Client to Neighborhood Parcel.

Locked containers are to be used by Client for the sole purpose of keeping confidential documents and are not to be removed or used for any other purpose. If locked containers are lost or destroyed by Client, Client shall pay for all damages or loss of such containers. The locked containers furnished by Neighborhood Parcel hereunder shall remain the property of Neighborhood Parcel and Client shall not acquire any property interest in such containers. We shall be responsible for all damages resulting from Neighborhood Parcel’s handling of the containers. The replacement cost of a damaged or lost container is one hundred dollars per unit.  Client will adhere, whenever possible, to the mutually agreed upon scheduled date(s), established for material removal and destruction. Neighborhood Parcel needs a 24 hour advance notice to keep from incurring a financial expense given Neighborhood Parcel’s time sensitive document destruction obligations. Without a 24 hour advance notice of rescheduling in writing, in an email, from a fax, or from a phone call, Neighborhood Parcel will bill the Client a regular service charge to cover expenses incurred in late adjustments or from being turned away from performing the regularly scheduled service when we arrive at the Client facility.  For one time purge services, a fee of $75 would apply.  Locations more than one hundred miles from our facility are subject to an additional charge of $100.  Client shall not deliver to Neighborhood Parcel any material considered toxic or dangerous or which is regulated under any federal or state law or regulation relating to hazardous materials.  In the event of accidental or negligent custodial transfer of hazardous or regulated waste, including bio-hazard, Client agrees to arrange to appropriately, safely, and legally assume custody of such hazardous materials at their expense, and further to indemnify Neighborhood Parcel from any property damage or personal injury resulting from such transfer of material. Client agrees to make Neighborhood Parcel aware in writing and in advance of any instance in which Client has reason to know that documents or materials may be particular targets of robbery or theft, including where such documents are negotiable instruments, such as checks, bearer bonds, or coupons where the total combined value of said instruments will be in excess of $5,000. Neighborhood Parcel will work with Client to minimize risks associated with known instruments. Client must present any claim with respect to any Service in writing to Neighborhood Parcel within a reasonable time and in no case later than three (3) months after the occurrence of the event on which the claim is based. Client shall reimburse Neighborhood Parcel for any expenses reasonably incurred by Neighborhood Parcel (including reasonable legal fees) by reason of Neighborhood Parcel complying with its obligations under this Agreement to destroy such materials in the event of a dispute concerning the destruction of the materials provided by Client to Neighborhood Parcel.

1.3  Additional Work.

It is understood that, from time to time during the term of this Agreement, Client may request Neighborhood Parcel to perform services or provide materials which are not set forth in the Contract Duties but are related to the services encompassed within the Contract Duties (hereinafter “Additional Work”). Neighborhood Parcel hereby agrees to perform such Additional Work so long as prior to the performance of such Additional Work, Client shall authorize in writing the scope of such Additional Work and mutually agreed upon compensation payable to Neighborhood Parcel for the full performance of said Additional Work.

Section 2. Compensation

Client will pay Neighborhood Parcel for Services rendered in the amount and on the payment terms described in an email, printed sales quote, over the phone, and/or via fax. All invoices are due upon pick up or drop-off unless an agreement is in place for repeat clients.

Section 3. Term and Termination

This Services Agreement shall be effective the day Neighborhood Parcel drops of security containers or the day the service is provided, whichever occurs first. The contract shall terminate 30 days after the service was conducted for one time purges. For regular service, the contract does not terminate.  The contract is a one year term that automatically renews for one additional year based upon the effective date. The Client can end service without cause or reason with a written 60 day notice prior to the effective date renewal. Neighborhood Parcel will perform the final service at the agreed upon service charge(s) and pick up the containers at the conclusion of the service. If the Client wants to end the service sooner than the annual renewal date, then six regular service charges or ninety days of service would apply whichever is greater.

3.1   Termination for Cause. 

Client shall have the right to terminate its obligations pursuant to this Agreement if one of the following conditions exists and it has not been remedied or cured within thirty (30) days of Neighborhood Parcel’s receipt of written notice of such condition:

(i) A substantial breach of any material obligation under this Agreement; or

(ii)If Neighborhood Parcel is unable for any reason to perform its obligations pursuant to this Agreement in a safe, lawful and professional manner.

Upon termination, Client shall pay all actual expenses and charges up to the date of termination.

Section 4. Independent Contractor

Neighborhood Parcel will perform the Services as an independent contractor of Client and this Agreement will not be construed to create a partnership, joint venture, or employment relationship between Neighborhood Parcel and Client.

Section 5. Compliance with Laws

Neighborhood Parcel will (a) comply with all federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, regulations and orders with respect to its performance of the Services; (b) maintain an account with the applicable state and local tax agencies; (c) file all reports relating to the Services (including, without limitation, federal, state, and local tax returns and a schedule of expenses with the IRS in connection with Neighborhood Parcel’s federal business tax filings); (d) pay all filing fees and federal, state and local taxes applicable to Neighborhood Parcel’s business as the same shall become due; and (e) pay all amounts required under local, state and federal workers’ compensation acts, disability benefit acts, unemployment insurance acts and other employee benefits acts when due.  Neighborhood Parcel shall maintain his/her own books and records with respect to Neighborhood Parcel’s business.

Section 6.Insurance; Risk of Loss

Neighborhood Parcel will maintain appropriate insurance policies and market appropriate limits and shall show Client the Certificates of Liability, Business Auto Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance, if requested.

Section 7. Limitation of Liability

Neighborhood Parcel shall not be responsible or liable for the release or loss of any materials deposited in bins, cabinets, and/or totters or otherwise delivered to it for destruction unless the release or loss is due to Neighborhood Parcel’s negligence or willful misconduct.  Neighborhood Parcel is responsible for secure destruction at the point the material is given/taken possession by a Neighborhood Parcel employee. Neighborhood Parcel’s maximum liability for any and all claims arising from the confidential destruction services performed hereunder shall not exceed the total of invoices submitted by Neighborhood Parcel over the last six month period.

7.1 Ownership Warranty. 

Client warrants that it is the owner, legal custodian or otherwise has the right to deliver for confidential destruction any and all materials Client provides Neighborhood Parcel hereunder.

Section 8. No Conflicting Obligations

8.1 Other Agreements. 

Neighborhood Parcel’s execution, delivery, and performance of this Agreement will not violate any other employment, nondisclosure, confidentiality, consulting or other agreements or commitments to which Neighborhood Parcel is a party or by which may be bound.

8.2 Confidential Information.

“Confidential Information” means any information relating to Clients property, business, and affairs. Unless such Confidential Information was previously known to Neighborhood Parcel free of any obligation to keep it confidential, is subsequently made public by Client or by a third party having a legal right to make such disclosure, or was known to Neighborhood Parcel prior to receipt of same from Client, it shall be held in confidence by Neighborhood Parcel and shall be used only for the purposes provided in this Agreement. Neighborhood Parcel shall use the same degree of care to safeguard Client’s Confidential Information as it uses to safeguard its own. However, Neighborhood Parcel will comply with any subpoena or similar order related to materials delivered to Neighborhood Parcel; provided that it shall, unless prohibited by law, notify Client promptly of any such subpoena or notice. It is not Neighborhood Parcel’s responsibility to determine if material should be or should not be shredded. It’s the Clients responsibility to determine which material should be destroyed. Neighborhood Parcel will securely destroy all material given to us without determining its content or value.

Section 9. Indemnification

Neighborhood Parcel will indemnify, defend and hold Client (and Client’s agents and employees) harmless from all claims, damages, losses and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) arising out of or resulting from any claim, action, or other proceeding (including any proceeding by any employees, agents or contractors) that is based upon (a) Neighborhood Parcel’s breach of this agreement, (b) the conduct of Neighborhood Parcel’s business, or (c) any negligent act or omission of Neighborhood Parcel.

Client will indemnify and defend and hold Neighborhood Parcel (and Neighborhood Parcel’s agents and employees) harmless from all claims, damages, losses and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) arising out of or resulting from any claim, action, or other proceeding (including any proceeding by any employees, agents or contractors) that is based upon (a) Client’s breach of this agreement, (b) the conduct of Client’s business, or (c) any negligent act or omission of Client.

Section 10. Applicable Law

This Agreement will be governed in all respects by, and construed and enforced in accordance with, the laws of the State where the service took place, without regard to any rules governing conflicts of laws.

Section 11. Entire Agreement, Interpretation and Changes

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter described herein and all prior or contemporaneous oral or written communications, understandings, or agreements between Neighborhood Parcel and Client with respect to such subject matters are hereby superseded in their entireties. In the event of any inconsistency between the terms of the main body of the Agreement and Exhibit A, then the terms of the main body of this Agreement shall take precedence over the terms of Exhibit A. Any changes, amendments, or modifications to this Agreement and/or Exhibit A shall not be binding on the parties unless mutually agreed to by the parties in writing.  If any such changes, amendments, or modifications cause an increase or decrease in the cost or time required to perform the Services, mutually agreed adjustments shall be made in the contract price and/or the period of service described.

Section 12. Severability

If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, for any reason, then, to the fullest extent permitted by law (a) all other provisions hereof will remain in full force and effect in such jurisdiction and will be liberally construed in order to carry out the intent of the parties hereto as nearly as may be possible, (b) such invalidity, illegality, or un-enforceability will not affect the validity, legality, or enforceability of any other provision hereof, and (c) any court or arbitrator having jurisdiction there over will have the power to reform such provision to the extent necessary for such provision to be enforceable under applicable law.

Section 13. Conflicts

Both parties agree that in the event of a conflict that a reasonable effort will be made to resolve the conflict in a timely and reasonable manner mutually agreeable and beneficial for both parties.  It is understood that reasonable effort would require, at a minimum, a face to face meeting.  In the event a conflict cannot be resolved, the parties agree to submit the matter to binding Arbitration, pursuant to the procedural rules of the American Arbitration Association.

Section 14. Force Majeure 

Each party shall be excused from any delay or failure in performance under this Agreement for any period if and to the extent that such delay or failure is caused by acts of God, governmental actions, labor unrest, riots, unusual traffic delays, natural disasters, or other causes beyond its control.

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  • personal document shredding

Estate Document Shredding Service

“When my mom passed away, I was left with a basement full of her old mail, financial and medical files. I was overwhelmed with the amount of paper I had to deal with. Throwing it away, burning it or simply recycling it was out of question due to my concerns over Identity Theft. The volume of old files was too much for my personal shredder and I am glad to find a commercial shredding service company such as Neighborhood Parcel for all my Estate Document Shredding service need.

Monic Webber Tyngsboro MA

Estate Document Shredding Service

When your beloved family member passes, taking care of their estate often corresponds with several stages of grief. It is never an easy job. Estates in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, typically have a lot of old documents and paperwork to be sorted and shredded. It can be difficult to determine what needs to be kept, what should be given to another family member, and what can be shredded.

Residential shredding service Boston MA

List Estate Documents To Keep

We suggest that you keep these documents on file and never shred them until you consult with an attorney and your accountant, the list is not all inclusive but a good guide:

  • A Will.
  • Birth, marriage, and divorce certificates.
  • Birth certificates and/or adoption papers for minor children.
  • Social Security information.
  • Life insurance documents.
  • Current insurance paperwork.
  • Mortgages and deeds.
  • Car titles.
  • Paperwork and contact information for any agency from which the deceased may have been receiving benefits.
  • Credit card statements.
  • Tax returns from the previous two years.
  • IRAs, 401(k) plans, mutual funds.
  • The deceased’s most recent bank statements (including those for CDs and money-market accounts)
  • Diplomas, education records, military service records.

Avoid Identify Theft After Death

Identity theft after death is real! It has become increasingly necessary to guard against thieves desperate to steal the identity of deceased persons. This is why we recommend that you plan your estate document shredding service ahead of time and don’t leave the identity of your loved ones at risk. Neighborhood Parcel has been shredding estate documents for over a decade and has rates that won’t bankrupt your bank account. For as low as 89¢ / Lbs, we can have all your old estate documents shredded and recycled!

Our staff will show up at your doorstep and collect all of your old Estate documents, secure them in our locked bins and haul them for same-day shredding service. An invoice will be finalized for you on the spot, payment can be made via Estate Check, Credit Card or Cash. You will then receive a certificate of destruction in the mail within a day or two. To get started, please call us at (978)636-0301 or Click here to make your reservations online.

The Only Call I made

5 5 1
I did not need to call anyone else! I did my research and this company made life a little easier on me! I did not have to remove staples or folders, they took it all! They are the best at what they do. A++

Simply The Best At What They Do

5 5 1
I am glad that I found this company to help me clean-out my attic and basement that were full of my son's old medical files and X-rays. They showed up on time, the staff is super friendly and courteous. Their rates are very fair and that is why they earned all of my 5 stars

Best Estate Shredding Service

5 5 1
I had so much to deal with when my husband died. He left me a storage space full of his old medical files and patients records that I need to get shredded. Neighborhood Parcel made my life easier. They showed up on Sunday and helped clean the storage space. They are very accommodating and I highly recommend them
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HIPAA Shredding Requirements

What Are HIPAA Shredding Requirements?

The HIPAA Privacy Rule requires appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect the privacy of protected health information (PHI), in any form. See 45 CFR 164.530(c). This means that covered entities must implement reasonable safeguards to limit incidental, and avoid prohibited, uses and disclosures of PHI, including in connection with the disposal of such information. In addition, the HIPAA Security Rule requires that covered entities implement policies and procedures to address the final disposition of electronic PHI or the hardware or electronic media on which it is stored, as well as to implement procedures for removal of electronic PHI from electronic media before the media are made available for re-use.

Medical Shredding Service Choices

A Medical Practice official must decide which procedures and equipment will best prevent unauthorized, and inadvertent disclosure of your patient’s protected information (PHI). For storage for examples, you will need to use locked office doors and cabinets, computer firewalls and computer passwords. For final recycling, you will need a complete destruction of the medical records. No one should be able to dumpster dive and misuse the information.

You will have a variety of record destruction equipment. Medical document shredders come in all sizes, speeds, and capacities. In general, you will face three basic choices:

  1. Personal Deskside shredders: Available at any office supply store. Available on casters for portability, can shred roughly 4 to 20 sheets at a time.  Shredder’s price can range from $100 to $500 depending on features and streghth. This is convenient for small offices with relatively few documents to destroy.
  2. Departmental Shredders: Larger facilities with more documents to dispose of may install industrial shredders that can handle 20-50 sheets at a time.
  3. Centralized Shredders- A heavy-duty shredder can handle up to 400 sheets at a time and destroy bound reports and thick stacks of paper.This is usually held at a warehouse or large vacant space due to the excessive noise and paper dust. This large volume of medical files is often contracted to a third party company that offers off-site shredding services or Monthly services.

HIPAA Shredding Service

After selecting the shredder models for your medical practice, you will need a protocol for managing shredded paper waste. A large majority of large and small medical firms in the Massachusetts and New Hampshire area opt to hire a third party company to handle the entire process, this has proven to cut down their labor cost and capital investment in shredders. Due to the competitive nature of the shredding and Paper Recycling industry, contracting your shredding service will often result in 20 to 60% Cost reduction.

Shredding plants are equipped with giant shredders that are powerful disintegrators that use rotary blades systems to reduce high volumes of books, X-rays, binders, paper bundles and other bulk materials to tiny particles. These machines even pulverize CDs, thumb drives, DVDs, media discs, credit cards, ID badges, backup cassettes and computer Hard Drives. Chopping them into indecipherable fragments at the rate of up to two tons per hour. At the end of the process, the media is taken for final incineration.

Why Take The Risk?

HIPAA Violation fines range from $100 to $50,000 per violation, it is a big risk to take and not doing the right think will often result in small business bankruptcies and imprisonment. Have a plan in place that is well documented showing how your office handles PHI documents and how it destroy them at the end of the life cycle. You will be doing yourself a big favor and protecting your patient’s data. The most cost effective way to discard the patient’s files is to contract the service to a trustworthy service provider. They have the expertise and the insurance backing to safeguard the data until the final destruction. They will often provide a Certificate of destruction, a legally binding statement that all Medical files and X-rays have been properly destroyed and shielding your practice of future liability.

How To Save Up To 60% Off Your Medial Shredding?


Avoid HIPAA Fines, Hire The #1 Medical Shredding Service in Boston MA Today!

HIPAA Fines can range from $1,000 to $50,000 per violation. Don't jeopardize your business and your career! Call Us today (978)636-0301 and let us help protect your company and your client's PHI data,

Our Medical Shredding Service Reviews

My Medical Practice Thanks You

5 5 1
We had tons of old medical records in our storage space in Needham MA, I was afraid that the shredding service will take us months to do or come at a high cost that my medical firm budget will take a big dent! You staff came in and cleaned out all of old X-rays, medical files and also shredded our medical faxes and hard drives. The best part was that the rate was very reasonable. I am glad to recommend you to anyone looking to shred Medical files on a budget.

The Best Medical Shredding Service Period!

5 5 1
I hired a dozen or so medical shredding service companies in the past and Neighborhood Parcel is in a league of their own. The driver consistently comes on time and is super friendly. The document shredding certificate always arrives on time. The fees are always accurate, so what else could you ask for from your next shredding service company?


5 5 1
I highly recommend this company for any shredding service. Here is why: Best rates for your budget. Staff is very professional and they have the best Chain Of Custody I could find for my office and for my HIPAA audit file.
  • Medical record shredding company

How Can I Shred Medical Records?

Why Shred Your Medical Files And X-rays?

Medical Shredding in a matter of The Law! The recent Massachusetts privacy law changes that took effect in 2011 made it almost impossible for businesses to simply throw away their patients or the client’s documents in the trash. This new law requires all businesses that collect their customers and patient’s data i.e. names, phone numbers, Social Security numbers and addresses to safeguard this data until final destruction. Data breaches can cause small business to go bankrupt because of the high negative company reputation and liability exposures.

When it comes time to destroy old medical records or purge the office storage facility of old documents, small businesses are required to safely and securely shred these records to keep them away from the wrong hands. Federal laws like HIPAA requires medical firms and practices to shred these documents safely and protect the patient’s records through a third-party vendor and a verifiable process or face hefty fines.

Medical Shredding Solutions

Medical practices, dentists, Chiropractors, and local small businesses in the Boston area and Southern New Hampshire can rely on Neighborhood Parcel shredding services to destroy these medical records safely, securely and in compliance with state and federal privacy laws. Neighborhood Parcel can help you destroy x-rays, billing records, Charts and Patient’s files at a fraction others charge. Our AAA Certified plant allows us to destroy thousands of pounds of medical files, X-rays, and Billing records in accordance with all State and Privacy Laws; Our staff undergoes rigorous background checks and random drug tests to ensure that your documents are always secure and to prevent Data breaches.

Medical practices moving to electronic medical filing system to meet Obama Care create a long-term decrease in the amount of paper shredding they need to do. As your medical practice scans files to the computer system, the physical files become redundant and need to be shredded. This creates the short-term increase in the amount of shredding your practice will need to do. But of course, there is no need to archive most of the physical files, which would have ultimately needed to be shredded, which reduces the long-term volume of shredding associated with purging old records after retention requirements have been met.

Neighborhood Parcel has been serving the Boston MA area since 2007. We have a decade experience in handling sensitive patient’s records. Known for our transparent pricing that can easily be found on our website or by simply requested a free shredding quote here

I am very pleased to recommend your services to my colleague in the industry. I spent weeks looking for a reliable shredding service for my patient’s Xray files. You came highly recommended by my neighbors and I am glad I chose you. Since the moment I spoke to George, I knew that your company was a step above the rest. A+ Service
Linda Mcoy, Boston Radiology Center Newton MA
I am thankful for the prompt service my company received last week. I scrambled for same day shredding service and nobody was available to help. Until I called you and you went above and beyond to arrange for my service and meet my deadline. Nobody has your level of commotment to service from what I witnessed.
Allen Garber, Merrimack Dentists Brookline MA

Medical Shredding Service Reviews

My Medical Practice Thanks You

5 5 1
We had tons of old medical records in our storage space in Needham MA, I was afraid that the shredding service will take us months to do or come at a high cost that my medical firm budget will take a big dent! You staff came in and cleaned out all of old X-rays, medical files and also shredded our medical faxes and hard drives. The best part was that the rate was very reasonable. I am glad to recommend you to anyone looking to shred Medical files on a budget.

The Best Medical Shredding Service Period!

5 5 1
I hired a dozen or so medical shredding service companies in the past and Neighborhood Parcel is in a league of their own. The driver consistently comes on time and is super friendly. The document shredding certificate always arrives on time. The fees are always accurate, so what else could you ask for from your next shredding service company?


5 5 1
I highly recommend this company for any shredding service. Here is why: Best rates for your budget. Staff is very professional and they have the best Chain Of Custody I could find for my office and for my HIPAA audit file.
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