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Neighborhood Parcel Gives You Power To Shred Old Office Documents and Comply with State & Federal Privacy Laws!

Why Hire Us

  • Locally Owned And Operated Business
  • A+ Rating With The BBB
  • Active Community Business
  • HIPAA & MA Privacy Law Compliant
  • Lowest Shredding Rates In Area
  • Honest & Fair Pricing
  • 7 Days A Week Operation
  • Convenient Drop-Off Location
  • 100% Recycling Of Your Material

Who We Are


Secure document and media destruction service that is HIPAA, FACTA, SOX and Massachusetts Privacy Law 201 CMR 17.00 Compliant

HIPAA and Massachusetts Privacy Law Compliant Document Destruction Service

Your privacy and your client data security are important to us, we don’t cut corners and our entire shredding service cycle is 100% secure and meets the most stringent State and Federal Laws.

Drop-Off Service

Shred when and where you want at our convenient location in Lowell MA, No Minimums, No contracts and No Appointments!

Convenient Drop-Off Shredding Location

Secure drop off shredding plan can save you 30 to 60% over other shredding service plans. Rates starting 89¢ /Lbs.

Amazing Transparency

When you believe in honesty and transparency like we do, you can not help but the post our shredding rates online for all to see including competition!

Our Rates Are Posted Online

We have nothing to Hide, all our prices are based on flat rates with ZERO hidden fees

Documents You Should Shred

  • Financial Statements
  • Tax Files
  • Medical Records And Xrays
  • Documents with Your Name and contacts details
  • Your Computer Media: CD, DVD, Hard Drives
  • Legal Documents and Court Filings
  • Junk Mail and Old Receipts

Our Services

This Is the Most Popular plan we offer, it allows you to drop off your material at our convenient location in Lowell MA, pay a flat rate of 89¢ /Lbs with NO Minimums, NO Contracts and NO appointments.

The most powerful and economical shredding service plan! Document shredding Service plan that was designed with consumers and small businesses in mind. While other large corporations nickel and dime you for everything they can; this secure document shredding plan will allow you to get the same benefits of secure and safe document destruction but without the high cost and hidden fees. Read More..

We will meet you at an agreed upon time at your residence (apartments, condos, too) and haul all your material in our secure vehicle. Our uniformed and bonded employees will carefully take your documents, while you watch, and load them into our secure truck and bring them to our secure facility for the final shredding that will render your documents unreadable and useless to criminals, investigators, and others. The shredded documents are then recycled, you will receive a certificate of destruction at the end of the process showing that your material was safely destroyed in accordance with HIPAA, SOX, FACTA and State Privacy laws.

We can schedule our truck to pick up your material 7 days a week, securely and conveniently with a single call to (978)636-0301. Our drivers are well trained and undergo regular background / Cori checks to meet Federal and State Regulations. But most importantly, they are no shy of rolling up their sleeves and helping you regain your office space, clean out the garage or purge old patient files. Online Reservations
Our regularly scheduled shredding service is the best option for Massachusetts organizations and Businesses that care about protecting their information and reputation every single day. Our solid chain of custody ensures your sensitive day to day information is secure from the moment it is placed in the console until it is shredded at our secure plant. Schedule, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly shredding service for as low as $10 / Month.

Every Massachusetts and New Hampshire business has sensitive information that must be destroyed. Document Shredding helps protect your employees, customers and vendors from identity theft and data breaches. Massachusetts Privacy laws in addition to HIPAA, FACTA and the data protection act (201 CMR 17.00) also require secure document shredding. The question is how to shred to maximize security, convenience and minimize costs. This is where we come in! Online Reservations

Latest From Our Blog

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Estate Document Shredding Service

“When my mom passed away, I was left with a basement full of her old mail, financial and medical files. I was overwhelmed with the amount of paper I had to deal with. Throwing it away, burning it or simply recycling it was out of question due to my concerns over Identity Theft. The volume of old files was too much for my personal shredder and I am glad to find a commercial shredding service company such as Neighborhood Parcel for all my Estate Document Shredding service need.

Monic Webber Tyngsboro MA

Estate Document Shredding Service

When your beloved family member passes, taking care of their estate often corresponds with several stages of grief. It is never an easy job. Estates in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, typically have a lot of old documents and paperwork to be sorted and shredded. It can be difficult to determine what needs to be kept, what should be given to another family member, and what can be shredded.

Residential shredding service Boston MA

List Estate Documents To Keep

We suggest that you keep these documents on file and never shred them until you consult with an attorney and your accountant, the list is not all inclusive but a good guide:

  • A Will.
  • Birth, marriage, and divorce certificates.
  • Birth certificates and/or adoption papers for minor children.
  • Social Security information.
  • Life insurance documents.
  • Current insurance paperwork.
  • Mortgages and deeds.
  • Car titles.
  • Paperwork and contact information for any agency from which the deceased may have been receiving benefits.
  • Credit card statements.
  • Tax returns from the previous two years.
  • IRAs, 401(k) plans, mutual funds.
  • The deceased’s most recent bank statements (including those for CDs and money-market accounts)
  • Diplomas, education records, military service records.

Avoid Identify Theft After Death

Identity theft after death is real! It has become increasingly necessary to guard against thieves desperate to steal the identity of deceased persons. This is why we recommend that you plan your estate document shredding service ahead of time and don’t leave the identity of your loved ones at risk. Neighborhood Parcel has been shredding estate documents for over a decade and has rates that won’t bankrupt your bank account. For as low as 89¢ / Lbs, we can have all your old estate documents shredded and recycled!

Our staff will show up at your doorstep and collect all of your old Estate documents, secure them in our locked bins and haul them for same-day shredding service. An invoice will be finalized for you on the spot, payment can be made via Estate Check, Credit Card or Cash. You will then receive a certificate of destruction in the mail within a day or two. To get started, please call us at (978)636-0301 or Click here to make your reservations online.

The Only Call I made

5 5 1
I did not need to call anyone else! I did my research and this company made life a little easier on me! I did not have to remove staples or folders, they took it all! They are the best at what they do. A++

Simply The Best At What They Do

5 5 1
I am glad that I found this company to help me clean-out my attic and basement that were full of my son's old medical files and X-rays. They showed up on time, the staff is super friendly and courteous. Their rates are very fair and that is why they earned all of my 5 stars

Best Estate Shredding Service

5 5 1
I had so much to deal with when my husband died. He left me a storage space full of his old medical files and patients records that I need to get shredded. Neighborhood Parcel made my life easier. They showed up on Sunday and helped clean the storage space. They are very accommodating and I highly recommend them
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How To Shred Old Documents

How to shred Personal documents you ask? Residential document shredding service is an important part keeping our day-to-day documents safe from the wrong hands. With the increase in identity theft residential consumers and small businesses have the obligation to properly handle the document with utmost security.

In the old days, bank documents credit card statements displayed Social Security numbers on them, identity thieves can easily access your credit presume your identity and open fraudulent credit card accounts. We recommend that anything that has your name, address, account number or any relevant identity information needs to be destroyed securely.

Office Shredders Are Useless!

The office shredders can often do the job, but at the expense of your time, comfort, and labor. These small office shredders are often noisy, take valuable office space and can be a hazard. They often jam, overheat, create dust and excessive noise. In addition to the capital expense that the office or the consumer would incur. Nowadays nobody has time to waste or money to spend on hardware. Imagine that an employee spends on average one hour a day shred office documents at the rate of $20 an hour. In the course of one week, the labor cost is $100. Let’s assume that the volume for the week is 100 pounds. Hiring shredding service company like Neighborhood Parcel can shred the same material for $89. Your company would be saving $11 a week and will gain the employee productivity back.

How To Shred Personal Documents

Neighborhood parcel will save you time, money and can help you avoid hefty HIPAA fines. Our company have designed a shredding service plan that can meet all your service needs. With over a decade of experience in the industry of media destruction and paper recycling, we know that we can help you comply with the latest federal and state privacy laws while saving you time and money. We offer the lowest shredding rates in the Boston MA and New Hampshire areas. Our staff has access to the latest HIPAA rules and regulations; we use the latest technology in media destruction to safeguard your documents and data. Put that old rusty office shredder aside and call the pros at Neighborhood Parcel shredding services today at (978)636.0301

  • Drop Off shredding Location

How Do I Shred My Personal Documents

For a long time, shredding personal documents was done through personal shredders. But soon enough, people recognized the limitation of small office shredders, mostly facing a large volume of personal documents that were collected over the years. Office shredders, normally purchased through Office Supply stores like Staples, OfficeMax, or Amazon are affordable and were designed to handle a very small volume. They often overheat, jam and make excessive noise and will often leave you with a big mess in addition to a waste of your valuable time.

If you are looking for the best way to shred your personal documents, consider hiring a local shredding service company like Neighborhood Parcel. The media destruction industry has developed over the years to utilize high capacity shredders and technology that allows to shred up to 10,000 Lbs of paper per hour. The high-efficiency combined with technology allow for great savings and low shredding costs.  Personal shredding service can cost you as low as 89¢ /Lbs with no minimums, no contracts, and no appointments if you decide to take advantage of the Drop-off service that Neighborhood Parcel offers if you live in Boston MA area.

When my mom passed away, I discovered that had a arge collection of documents in the attic. I was powerless and did not want to throw away her documents as a precaution and to avoid identity theft. My office shredder was useless so I started looking for a professional to help me shred my personal documents. Your company was highly recommended and I was glad I made the choise of hiring your company. The driver showed up on time and the rate was exactly what I was quoted.

Mandy K Newton MA

Personal Shredding Service Features

  • Security: You personal documents are handled in a secure environment from custody to final destruction. The entire process is documented and meets all Federal and State Privacy laws.
  • No Contracts: We do not lock you into long term contracts.
  • Pay As You Go: Pay a fair price for your shredding and without hidden fees.
  • Low Cost: We believe in honest and fair pricing, our rates are posted here.
  • Convenience: We shred paper, Xrays, Medical files, financial documents, Clothing fabric and Electronic Media. Shred your personal documents on your terms, where and when you want.


Quote Request

Personal Shredding Service Quote Request

Let us help you shred your personal documents, safely, securely and within your budget!
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What Others Say..

Wow! That is all I can say for how fast you answered the phone on Saturday and scheduled your truck to pick up my old files on Sunday! The driver was very nice, I mean it, he called me one hours before his arrival and made sure he was so quite and not to wake up the kids..Truly an A++ service
Linda L Swampscott MA, Resident
I had a garage full of old documents that others wanted to charge me triple the rate you quoted me last week..I was very happy to see that you posted your rates online and that you were a local business, I hate to hire these international firms that all their care about is their profits. I am happy to recommend you to all my clients and you should hear from me next month as I found more documents in the basement
Sherman P Boston MA, Tax Year Accounting
We fired our shredder last month and had mountains of xrays and medical files that we wanted shredded but not anyone, we wanted HIPAA compliant shredder company and my boss found you through a referral. We are please so far with the service, your rates are fair and the invoice is exactly what you quoted us
Mary S Andover MA, Chelmsford Dentals

Drop-Off Shredding Service Rates

Loose Material

  • No Minimums
  • No Contracts
  • No Appointments
  • Loose |Bags |Boxes |

Small Boxes

$15Small Box
  • 10 Boxes Minimum
  • Ideal For Small Business
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Size 10″ x 12″ x 15″

Bankers Boxes

$2000Large Box
  • 10 Boxes Minimum
  • One Flat Rates
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Size 10″ x 15″ x 24″
Quote Request

Shredding Service Reservations

Secure, HIPAA Compliant Shredding Service!

Unlike the other big out of state Corporations, we provide prompt and reliable service for a fair price! No gimmicks, No hidden fees and No Bait & Switch. We live here and we support our local communities every chance we get.
Quote Request
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Best Shredding Service For The Money

5 5 1
I used other shredding services in the past but Neighborhood Parcel is by far the best shredding service for my money. They were on time and did everything they promised to do in addition to having transparent flat rates, so there were no surprises.

Best Secret In Town

5 5 1
If I knew how easy it was to shred my old documents, I would have done it years ago! I hates my personal shredder and I did not have the money to hire a large shredding company like Shredit. So I was pleasantly surprise to discover Neighborhood Parcel shredding service. They were very affordable and helped me regain my garage space. They earned all 5 stars. Thank You

Shredders are a waste of time!

4 5 1
Wasted all weekend in front of personal shredder that did nothing but jam, overheat and made me mad! My neighbor saw your truck in Andover MA and recommended calling you and I am glad I did. George was super kind and accommodated my schedule. Dump your shredder and call George, the best thing you can do today

Some Of Our Clients

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