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Neighborhood Parcel is conveniently located in downtown Tewksbury MA, easily accessible through all major highways, minutes from Highway 93 and 495. Taking a ride from Boston can be done in less than 30 minutes depending on traffic and weather.

About Our Town Of Tewksbury MA

Tewksbury was first settled in 1637 and was officially incorporated on December 17, 1734, from Billerica. There is no evidence that the town was named after Tewkesbury, England. Still, Tewksbury, Massachusetts, and Tewkesbury, England kept connected through a local committee called the Twinning Committee. One of the oldest sections of town is the area around the Shawsheen River. This is where the Shawshin tribe settled, allowing them access to a food source through fishing in the river.

Tewksbury was also known for a historic visit by President Andrew Jackson, who stopped at the local watering hole, Brown’s Tavern. On July 24, 1857, a powerful tornado swept through Tewksbury. The storm began at Round Pond as a small water spout, and traveled west and then southeast to the Shawsheen River. It dissipated at North Wilmington. Several cornfields and orchards were severely damaged, with one residence having its roof blown off. The tornado was powerful enough to flatten barns and sheds, pull up large trees by their roots, and sweep away and kill a team of oxen. Due to the sparse population, and homes located above the valley floor, no one was killed, and only a few people were injured

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