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You Point. We Haul

Off-site shredding service that is both secure and affordable. Put your shredder aside and call us!


AA Rated Shredding Plant

We Shred at Our Plant

We haul your documents to our plant for shredding. Our service is HIPAA compliant


100% Recycling Service

We Are Green Company

We recycle 100% of the material we collect from you including computer media and electronics.

Off-site document shredding services are a convenient and secure way to protect your personal information. Our staff will cross-cut your documents into small pieces and take them to a secure recycling facility where they will be recycled to create new products. Residential document shredding services are usually provided in convenient packages. A typical package includes a locking container that is delivered to the location, which is secure, so you don’t have to worry about securing the documents.

The safety of your personal information is the first concern of all homeowners. Every day, households generate millions of documents that contain personal information. Unfortunately, many of these documents end up in the trash or recycling bin, where identity thieves can easily find them and exploit them. The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from identity theft is to make sure your documents are shredded by a professional.

A residential document shredding company can come to your home for single or multiple times per week. In addition to onsite services, a residential document shredding service can also provide mobile services. This service enables customers to watch their documents being shredded on a viewing screen on the truck.

Goodbye Office Shredders

What Else? We Have The Best Customer Service Around

When our CEO decided to launch our shredding service, he learned from other big corporations. He knew if he wants to be successful, customer service must be top-notch, and service must be provided at the customer’s convenience and in a timely fashion. That is why we continue to grow year after year while Big Box shredders are closing their doors. Take a look at our customer service promise:

  • Invest in recurring training of staff and drivers

  • Schedule Service on time all the time

  • Exceed customer expectations every chance we get

  • Annual training of Staff

More Ways Than Ever To Free Up Your Office Storage Space!

We’ve added several shredding plans and more discount savings that allow you to shred your documents and save money.

What Else Do You Offer? We’ll Tell You!

Neighborhood Parcel has been operating in the Boston MA area for over a decade. Through our various businesses, including shipping, moving and freight forwarding services, we deal with sensitive information on a daily basis and know the importance of keeping customer information safe. That is why we have decided to expand our business to include secure document destruction.

We are using the latest technology and equipment to destroy documents and media containing sensitive data. Our trucks can pick up your material at door step or loading dock and then transport it to our A+Certified shredding plant where it gets shredded often the same day! Our services can be custom-tailored to your organization’s needs and are carried out by our friendly and well-trained staff.

Please give us a call so we can discuss how our business can help keep your sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands and help you avoid HIPAA violations and fines.

Off-Site Shredding Benefits

Off-site shredding plans are often cheaper than Mobile shredding.Often you will save 30 to 60% off your shredding service. Why? Volume is key, shredding plants can chew through thousands of pounds an hour, driving production cost to be low Vs Mobile shredding that is often invoiced by the minute, has excessive transportation and labor charges
Our shredding plan meets and exceeds HIPAA and Massachusetts Privacy laws. Equipped with 24/7 close circuit camera system, has limited access and all employees including management undergo Cori checks on regular basis. Furthermore, the plant has achieved the highest A+ rating by the Boston North Business Chamber and A Rating by the BBB both un-affiliated third party auditors.
We are proud to be a green company, we recycle everything we collect from paper to cardboard. Our trucks run on clean Diesel and our plant will soon be on Solar Power all in effort to reduce our Carbon footprint and emissions.

How We Make Shredding Convenient?

  • 7 Days A Week service
  • Flat Rates, no hidden fees
  • No Minimums and No Contracts
  • We remove the paper clips, staples and clamps
  • We do all the leg work and loading of your material
  • Accessing basements, Attics, Garages are no challenge

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