Outsourcing your document shredding services for Woburn, Massachusetts reduces employee time investment in manual shredding within the office, allows you to recycle old documents, and provides a safe option for the destruction of all forms of data. If you need regular document shredding services or a single, one-time pick-up, we can assist you with protecting your data at all times.

We supply all customers with a certificate of destruction regardless of the number of documents involved. For residential or commercial customers document shredding in Woburn MA is an ideal way to dispose of excess documents of any kind. Let us handle the removal process and our industrial shredder will do the rest.

Shredding Service In Woburn MA

Neighborhood Parcel uses state-of-the-art commercial shredders to handle all of your document destruction and paper shredding needs. Our trucks make quick work of your papers, documents, and files – no job is too big or too small. The best part about our off-site document shredding service is the peace of mind you get by knowing that your confidential documents cannot be recreated or reproduced. Whether you have a regular service program or are simply performing an annual clean-out, you can be assured your information will be safely and securely destroyed. Neighborhood Parcel is your certified document destruction and paper shredding specialist.

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About The City Of Woburn MA

Woburn was first settled in 1640 near Horn Pond, a primary source of the Mystic River, and was officially incorporated in 1642. At that time the area included present day towns of Woburn, Winchester, Burlington, and parts of Stoneham and Wilmington. In 1740 Wilmington separated from Woburn. In 1799 Burlington separated from Woburn; in 1850 Winchester did so, too.

Woburn got its name from Woburn, Bedfordshire. Woburn played host to the first religious ordination in the Americas on Nov. 22, 1642. Rev. Thomas Carter was sworn in by many of the most prominent men of New England including John Cotton, minister of the First Church of Boston, Richard Mather minister of the First Church of Dorchester, and Capt. Edward Johnson co-founder of the church and town of Woburn. Johnson is regarded as “the father of Woburn.” He served as the first town clerk, represented the town in the Massachusetts General Court, made the first map of Massachusetts, and wrote the first history of the colony.[2]

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