Project Description

We send out a truck to your location to collect your material from your home office, warehouse, storage, or house. Our off-site shredding means that we collect your material in our secure truck and take it to our certified plant for final shredding and recycling. Instead of shredding it on your site, blocking your driveway, making annoying noise, and leaving a mess behind, we do all the heavy lifting in our industrial plant, where our industrial shredders eat up to 10,000 sheets of paper per hour! This high productivity allows us to reduce operating costs, and we share the savings with you through our unmatched flat rates.

No other company can match our document destruction rate in Greater Boston, MA. Our truck allows us to pick it up at our location and shred it in our secure facility. This service plan eliminates any chain of custody issues and assures you that your documents have been destroyed properly. All our clients receive a notarized certificate of destruction verifying the shredding of documents and providing you with a legal audit trail. More information.

Understanding Off-Site Shredding Services: A Convenient Solution for Secure Document Disposal

In an era where information security and privacy are paramount, the disposal of confidential documents is a significant concern for individuals and businesses alike. Off-site shredding services offer a convenient and secure solution to this challenge. This 500-word article aims to define off-site shredding services and highlight their advantages, particularly focusing on cost savings, convenience, and privacy, with a special recommendation for

What is off-site shredding?

Off-site shredding refers to the process of collecting confidential documents from a client’s location and transporting them to a secure facility where they are shredded. Professional shredding companies that specialize in handling sensitive information typically offer this service. Unlike on-site shredding, where documents are destroyed at the client’s premises, off-site shredding involves taking the documents away for destruction.

Cost Savings

One of the most significant advantages of off-site shredding is cost savings. Maintaining an in-house shredding process can be expensive, requiring investment in shredding equipment, maintenance costs, and employee time. Off-site shredding eliminates these expenses. Clients pay only for the shredding service, often calculated based on the weight of the documents. This pricing model is particularly cost-effective for individuals or businesses that don’t generate large volumes of sensitive documents regularly.


Convenience is another key benefit of off-site shredding. The service includes the collection of documents from your location, saving you the time and effort of transporting them to a shredding facility. This is especially advantageous for busy individuals or organizations that cannot allocate resources to in-house document destruction. Scheduling a pickup is typically straightforward and can be done with a phone call or through an online booking system.

Privacy and Security

When it comes to disposing of sensitive documents, privacy and security are top priorities. Off-site shredding services adhere to strict security protocols to ensure that documents are handled and destroyed confidentially. Reputable shredding companies provide a chain of custody document and a certificate of destruction as proof that the documents have been securely shredded. This is critical for compliance with privacy laws and regulations.

Why choose

For residents seeking reliable off-site shredding services, stands out as a commendable choice. They offer a service that is not only convenient and cost-effective but also adheres to the highest standards of privacy and security. As a HIPAA-compliant shredding service provider, they ensure that your sensitive documents are handled with the utmost care. makes the process effortless for their clients. With a simple call or online booking, you can schedule a pickup at your convenience. Their transparent pricing, starting at competitive rates, makes it an affordable option for all sizes of shredding needs.

In summary, off-site shredding services offer an efficient, secure, and cost-effective solution for document destruction. They are an ideal choice for those looking to save time and money while ensuring their sensitive information is disposed of securely. For residents looking for a trusted service provider, is a commendable option, combining convenience, affordability, and stringent security measures. Embracing off-site shredding is not just a choice—it’s a step towards better information management and peace of mind.

Document Shredding Plan: Off-Site

It’s a convenient way to shred your documents; we can show up at your doorstep and do all the work; you simply relax! Our professional employees will securely load your material in our truck, get it shredded at our secure plant, and mail you a free notarized certificate of destruction. Our rates are 40 to 60% lower than the competition.

Features Overview

  • Flat Rates, No Hidden Fees
  • HIPAA, SOX, FACTA Compliant

  • 7 Days A week Service
  • 100% Recycling
  • Convenient Location

  • Third-party Certified Plant

  • Strongest Chain Of Custody

  • Locally Owned & Operated

Transparent Pricing


  • Flat Rates
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Transportation Charges Extra

Small Boxes

  • Box Size 12 x 10 x 15
  • Flat Rates
  • Transportation Charges Extra

Large Boxes

  • Box Size 10 x 15 x 24
  • Flat Rates
  • Transportation Charges Extra


  • All Inclusive
  • 10 Miles of Lowell MA
  • Labor & Fuel Surcharges Included

(*) Ground Level Pricing, Additional fees may apply for additional labor.

(*) Box Pricing applies to 10+ Boxes.