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How Can I Shred Medical Records?

The recent Massachusetts privacy law changes that took effect in 2011 made it almost impossible for businesses to simply throw away their patients or the client’s documents in the trash. This new law requires all businesses that collect their customers and patient’s data i.e. names, phone numbers, Social Security numbers and addresses to safeguard this data with utmost security. Data breaches can cause small business to go bankrupt because of the high negative company reputation and liability exposures.

Protect Your Identity With Residential Shredding Service

Every day of your life, you’re throwing unwanted stuff into the trash can. Most of it is genuinely trash—coffee grounds, remnants of meals, empty pet food cans and so forth. Along with that sort of trash, you’re ridding your home of paper clutter such as paid bills, store or ATM receipts, and junk mail. This paper clutter seems so worthless to you, it’s actually hard to imagine that someone might go through your truly nasty real garbage to find it, but the fact is that identity thieves will do just that!

Keeping Your Identity Safe on Social Media

Social Media is more popular these day then ever. There's always a news story about phishing and other identity scams in the news. Lately, those scams seem to focus on social networking apps, like Facebook and Pinterest. In most of the stories, a phishing email is used to try to capture personal information, login details and installing virus to track your online activity, steal your data and capture your keyboard log.

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