While I was going to college, I decided to get a part time job at local Mortgage company and as the junior customer service rep, I was assigned to do daily coffee runs and every Friday I had a date with the office shredder. There was no love there simply a thing that nobody wants to do so I git stuck doing it.

After my coffee break at 10:00 AM, I will make my way to the copier room where I find all old files piles up everywhere with a large hand writing Marking the documents for “shredding“. I turn this beast of shredder on and everyone take note to close their office doors and know that I am on he job. I feed the machine 5 to 10 piece of documents at a time and when it does not over-heat, It jams and after the first box, I would have to turn it off, empty the basket and sweep the mess it created. I often step after one hour and step outside to get fresh air and think of ways to get ride of the machine. I hated my office shredder since day one!

Reasons I Hate My Shredder

  • Waste Of Time
  • Waste Of Money
  • Unsecure Process
  • Loss Of Productivity
  • Dusty and Noisy Office
Office Paper Shredding Service Company

After six months of this insanity, I decided that it is time to think outside the box and convince my manager that I was simply wasting company time and that we need to seek another alternative. I made my case by searching for local office paper shredding company and came across Neighborhood Parcel as one that offered us best value for the money. I could not believe how cheap it was! Others were very discrete in their shredding rates and danced around giving me a straight answer, Neighborhood Parcel had their rates posted online for all to see. I conference called them with my boss and they were very nice on the phone. We hired them to empty our office storage space and the invoice was exactly what we were quoted on the phone. Now, we are sing them for our office shredding service on regular basis, their monthly shredding service is great and I no longer have to date my office shredder! I am free and the company is saving over $500 / Month!

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