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The True Cost Of Data Breach for Business

The intentional or unintentional release of secured and confidential information that involves the transfer, copying, viewing or stealing the information is called Data Breach. There are many different types of data breaches as well as a variety of motives behind these. A data breach can be a result of a personal grudge that will lead to Identity theft, Credit card and Health information breaches or it can be organizational competition in which the company’s secret documents, finances, ideas and intellectual property is stolen.

What You Should Know Before Hiring A Shredding Company

Have you been scouting for a commercial shredding service provider for your home or community? Professional office paper shredding is increasingly becoming a trend in the corporate world. As you continue reading this, you shall understand all the aspects you need to consider before contracting this service provider for your home and small business.

Understanding HIPAA

Here at Neighborhood Parcel, you might have noticed a couple of acronyms floating around when we mention our shredding service, namely FACTA and HIPAA. These are federal laws that deal with identity information and the protection of said information; FACTA stands for the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, and HIPAA stands

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