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How to shred Personal documents you ask? Residential document shredding service is an important part of keeping our day-to-day documents safe from the wrong hands. With the increase in identity theft, residential consumers and small businesses have the obligation to properly handle the document with utmost security.

In the old days, bank documents and credit card statements displayed Social Security numbers on them, identity thieves can easily access your credit presume your identity and open fraudulent credit card accounts. We recommend that anything that has your name, address, account number, or any relevant identity information needs to be destroyed securely.

Office Shredders Are Useless!

Office shredders can often do the job, but at the expense of your time, comfort, and labor. These small office shredders are often noisy, take up valuable office space, and can be a hazard. They often jam, overheat, and create dust and excessive noise. In addition to the capital expense that the office or the consumer would incur. Nowadays nobody has time to waste or money to spend on hardware. Imagine that an employee spends on average one hour a day shredding office documents at the rate of $20 an hour. In the course of one week, the labor cost is $100. Let’s assume that the volume for the week is 100 pounds. Hiring a shredding service company like Neighborhood Parcel can shred the same material for $89. Your company would be saving $11 a week and will gain employee productivity back.

How To Shred Personal Documents

Neighborhood parcel will save you time, money and can help you avoid hefty HIPAA fines. Our company have designed a shredding service plan that can meet all your service needs. With over a decade of experience in the industry of media destruction and paper recycling, we know that we can help you comply with the latest federal and state privacy laws while saving you time and money. We offer the lowest shredding rates in the Boston MA and New Hampshire areas. Our staff has access to the latest HIPAA rules and regulations; we use the latest technology in media destruction to safeguard your documents and data. Put that old rusty office shredder aside and call the pros at Neighborhood Parcel shredding services today at (978)636.0301

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Boston Area Shredding Compliance Officer
Founded in 2006, Neighborhood Parcel developed a reputation for excellent service at affordable prices. We became the leading document shredding center in the Boston MA area thanks to the continuos referrals and our low flat rates. Our Mission is to be a solid partner in the business community and to offer affordable shredding service alternative for residents and small businesses. One pount of personal documents or a public storage location full of medical X-rays, we have the right shredding plan to fit your needs. With rates starting 89 Cents /Lbs, you simply cannot go wrong! For reservations and Customer service, call (978)636-0301