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Document destruction Drop Off location near Boston MA. Secure Document Shredding service that will save you up to 60% off Your next shredding job. Why waste your time and money on a persona shredder when you can bring your documents to us for same-day shredding service. Shred what you want, when you want and avoid paying transportation charges. Drop-off shredding service rates from 89¢ /Lbs.

HIPAA Shredding Requirements

A Medical Practice official must decide which procedures and equipment will best prevent unauthorized, and inadvertent disclosure of your patient's protected information (PHI). For storage for example, you will need to use locked office doors and cabinets, computer firewalls, and computer passwords

Should You Rent A Paper Shredder

Let us just say that this DIY project is not worth doing for more than one reason. While shredding your own sensitive documents can give you the peace of mind that the destruction is done correctly and maybe you find the sound of the shredder soothing, it is often a total waste of time and money. Unless you shred your old documents on the go and you do this task daily, a personal shredder will often take up your valuable time as it will jam or overheat every ten minutes and the cost of a decent paper shredder can be prohibitive.

How To Shred Old Documents

How to shred Personal documents you ask? Residential document shredding service is an important part keeping our day-to-day documents safe from the wrong hands. With the increase in identity theft residential consumers and small businesses have the obligation to properly handle the document with utmost security.

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