Document shredding service in Lawrence MA. Security is of the utmost concern for everyone these days. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local physician or a large corporation, your document security is just as important. Neighborhood Parcel, located near Lawrence, MA is ready to assist with these concerns by delivering expert shredding services.

There are plenty of people out to collect personal information from your clients, your business operations, your bank information, and so on. This information can be worth millions of dollars in the wrong hands, and could even find its way to the dark web Just look at the many groups, organizations, and companies that have already suffered this horrible loss. If you don’t use shredding services, this type of catastrophe could cost you tons of money, or even worse, it could cost your company’s reputation.

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Secure Shredding Service In Lawrence MA

The best way to secure documents, even long after they have served their purpose, is by using a paper shredding company. This is why shredding services destroy. When you schedule your shredding services for Lawrence, Massachusetts, we will supply you with secure off-site storage bins. These range from efficient executive containers, holding up to 250 pounds of paper, to wheeled containers capable of holding up to three hundred pounds. Locks secure these containers to prevent any removal of sensitive contents by unauthorized personnel.

Using residential paper shredding is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint. You can reduce the amount of paper that ends up in landfills and prevent the release of harmful emissions. In addition, paper shredding helps keep your personal information safe and secure. You can also recycle shredded paper to create a new use for it. Using less paper means that fewer trees are cut down to create it. This reduces the amount of carbon dioxide that is absorbed into the earth’s atmosphere. It also cuts down on the need for fossil fuels. Recycling a ton of paper saves 17 trees, 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space, and 72 percent of the emissions associated with producing new paper.

Recycling also reduces the amount of water that is used. When a ton of paper is recycled, it uses 17 times less water than it does to create new paper from scratch. This helps keep the earth healthy and environmentally friendly.

About The City Of Lawrence MA

Lawrence is a city located in Essex County, Massachusetts, United States, on the Merrimack River. At the 2020 census, the city had a population of 89,143.[2] Surrounding communities include Methuen to the north, Andover to the southwest, and North Andover to the east. Lawrence and Salem were the county seats of Essex County until the Commonwealth abolished county government in 1999.[3] Lawrence is part of the Merrimack Valley.

Manufacturing products of the city include electronic equipment, textiles, footwear, paper products, computers, and foodstuffs. Lawrence was the residence of poet Robert Frost for his early school years; his essays and poems were first published in the Lawrence High School newspaper.[4] Lawrence is also the Birth Place of singer Robert Goulet who was born in Haverhill St. in 1933.

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