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Almost every healthcare professional has access to confidential medical files, stored in computer systems or paper files. As a result, hospitals and doctors must adhere to strict protocols for the proper management and destruction of these files. Although shredding may seem like a waste of time, it’s a requirement and an important component of any privacy policy.

HIPAA rules require medical records to be shredded

Medical records are sensitive and must be disposed of properly to ensure the privacy and security of patient data. Fortunately, there are several HIPAA-compliant medical records shredding options. By using a certified, professional shredding service, you can ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations. It is important to destroy all medical records once their retention period has expired. By retaining them, you increase the risk of accidental disclosure or a data breach. The HIPAA Privacy Rule requires that healthcare organizations provide adequate safeguards for PHI and medical records. Destroyed medical records and other pieces of PHI are unreadable or impossible to reconstruct.

Medical record shredding requires trained employees who understand the system and how to use it properly. Even though it may seem like a simple process, employees can sometimes overlook the importance of maintaining patient privacy. To prevent these incidents, proper training is essential for all employees. The right training can make all the difference in the security of medical data and help reduce medical record breaches.

Aside from protecting patients’ privacy, HIPAA compliance protects your organization’s bottom line. Infractions can lead to civil and criminal penalties. The fines are higher for repeat violators, and they increase over time. Even jail time can be levied in some cases.

Can I watch My Documents Being Shredded?2020-02-25T21:01:09-05:00

Where Can I drop-off my old documents and watch them being shredded?

Neighborhood Parcel offers a convenient and affordable Witnessed Shredding Service Plan. You can arrange to drop-off your sensitive documents at the Neighborhood Parcel of Tewksbury MA where you can arrange to watch them being shredded in real-time for your peace of mind. Appointments are required, service has a $75 minimum.

How soon can I schedule shredding service?2016-10-23T09:17:50-04:00

We like to say YES. As often as we can! We know that your time is valuable that is why we offer document shredding service 7 days a week! You drop off at our location or we come to you for pick up, we make shredding service convenient and affordable.

We often can schedule shredding service in 24 to 48 Hrs and some occasions same day service. You simply call us at (978)636-0301 or visit our Document shredding Service website to make online shredding reservation.

How do you destroy CDs and DVD’s?2022-10-12T23:04:10-04:00

We offer secure shredding and destruction of CDs and DVDs. The material is shredded or Incinerated. All Media such as CDs DVDs and Hard Drive must be kept separate from the rest of material to be shredded. We prefer keeping the material in a box and marked “Media” because we handle media destruction through a separate stream.

Do I need to sort the paper? Remove Staples?2014-10-27T22:21:06-04:00

No. Our employees are trained to quickly and accurately shred the material. Also, you do not need to remove paper clips, staples or binder clips. Our industrial shredder is equipped to handle paper clips and staples.

We accept your material in:

  1. Plastic Bins
  2. Boxes
  3. Bags
  4. Leaf Bags
  5. Loose
Are the documents Recycled upon destruction?2014-10-27T22:18:53-04:00

Yes, we recycle 100% of the shredded documents. CD’s and Non recyclables will get incinerated.

We store our records so why do we need a shredding service?2016-10-14T10:53:19-04:00

The period of time that business records are stored should be determined by a retention schedule that takes into consideration the records’ usefulness to the business as well as legal requirements. From a risk management perspective, once this period has passed, the only acceptable way of discarding these records is to destroy them using a method that ensures complete destruction. Oftentimes, documenting the exact date and method used for destruction is not only prudent but a legal requirement.

We have an in-house office shredder so why would I need your service?2014-10-27T22:16:15-04:00

A-It is much more cost-effective to deal with us. Amortization of a shredder, as well as labor, maintenance and disposal costs are usually much higher than expected – not to mention the noise, mess and dust produced by an office shredder and the fact that employees need to separate paper, remove paper clips and staples, etc. In fact, we can guarantee a minimum 25% savings when compared to the cost of using your in-house shredder.

Is the shredding process secure?2024-01-23T10:34:16-05:00

Yes. Document shredding process takes place in a secured environment. Limited access to storage facility, all employees are screened and undergo criminal background checks regularly. Business is Endorsed by BBB and BNBA Chamber Of Commerce. Public Notary to witness the shredding and signs off the certificate of destruction. The certificate will be mailed to you with 10 days of custody date.

We were moving our medical office to Boston and wanted to shred all of our medical dental records including X-rays, but most importantly, we needed a HIPAA-compliant service. So after multiple calls, we decided to hire your company. The service and the price were the best we could find, that is why I am writing you this recommendation in the hope to help promote your business online. Big thank you

Dr. June Hanlon, Brookline Dentist Group

Keeping Patient’s Data Safe

Medical records are filled with sensitive information, and they must be destroyed securely at the end of their lifecycle. Under the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), healthcare providers are required to secure the destruction of these documents.

In addition to reducing the risk of identity theft, proper medical records shredding is a great way to comply with HIPAA regulations and meet patient privacy protection standards. HIPAA regulations require that medical facilities train employees on proper destruction procedures to protect patients’ private information. By using a professional service, you can ensure that your documents are shredded properly and destroyed. This helps to protect the privacy of your patients while also saving you storage space.

Using a store-bought shredding machine is ineffective in protecting patients’ privacy. It may also leave sensitive information on documents. In addition, the information can be retrieved from improper disposal. To protect your patient’s privacy, you must carefully train your staff to shred medical records using certified shredders. This is an expensive and time-consuming process, and a violation of HIPAA guidelines can lead to fines of $50,000 per violation. Fortunately, there are now reputable and affordable ways to shred medical records.

Healthcare facilities are well aware of the HIPAA law passed in 1996. They understand how important it is to protect their patient’s PHI. HIPAA mandates that healthcare facilities must securely destroy patient medical records and follow proper disposal guidelines. These guidelines ensure that the PHI is protected through the entire shredding process.

The safest way to destroy medical records

To protect patient privacy and the integrity of medical records, medical professionals must follow specific laws regarding medical record destruction. A third-party-certified provider can help ensure compliance with the law and protect patients’ rights. Moreover, a certified provider can certify that its shredding and destruction methods meet all standards and protocols for the secure destruction of medical records.

HIPAA regulations outline when and how medical records should be destroyed. However, the state’s laws can differ. Some may have their data retention requirements, which will determine how long the healthcare facility must keep records. In many states, healthcare providers must follow these laws.

For hospitals and other covered entities, the HIPAA security rules require them to secure HIPAA-listed information, which includes medical records. This means that covered entities must review their disposal procedures, develop policies and procedures, and take special care to protect data that could lead to identity theft. The HIPAA Privacy Rule also requires covered entities to implement safeguards to protect patient privacy and prevent unauthorized access to private health information. AHIMA also recommends that healthcare facilities review their destruction methods annually. It recommends using the latest technology and choosing a reliable vendor for the process. The process should be timely and effective.


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