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Over the years, you may find yourself looking at a pile of personal documents, old tax returns, junk mail, and bank statements that are eating your garage space or storage room. These sensitive documents do not belong in the recycling bin and are too much for your personal shredder. That is why Neighborhood Parcel has launched a secure shredding service plan designed specifically for area residents in Boston MA and surrounding towns. Unlike Staples and the UPS stores, our drop-off service is full-service, you point and we offload! We shred frequently and have unbeatable rates for our HIPAA-compliant residential shredding service.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Document Shredding Service

If you need to shred documents at your business, there are many different types of shredding services to choose from. Here are a few factors to consider before choosing a shredding service. The container they use, certificate of destruction, cost, and security are important considerations to keep in mind.

Secure containers

Having secure containers for document shredding services in large office spaces is essential to ensure the safety of sensitive documents. These secure containers are easily transportable and blend in with office surroundings. They also have several benefits, including one-way feed slots and tamper-evident locking systems. In addition, secure shredding containers offer additional security measures, such as a green drawstring nylon bag insert.

Certificate of Destruction

When it comes to shredding sensitive documents, you can’t ignore the importance of a Certificate of Destruction. This document is issued by a professional document shredding service to ensure that your confidential documents are destroyed in a safe manner. In addition to being a legal requirement, this certificate provides valuable evidence of the proper destruction of your documents.


Security is a vital concern when choosing a document shredding service. The company you choose should adhere to strict security standards to ensure your documents are shredded safely and securely. The company will also carefully screen its employees to ensure they are compliant with federal and state regulations.


If you want to protect your privacy, shredding is a necessary step for businesses and individuals. In the past, businesses kept all their records on paper, but today, this isn’t an option. Instead, businesses use electronic media like computer files to store personal and business information. However, this method is not secure and can lead to serious legal consequences.


You may wonder how much it costs to get a document shredding service. The answer to that depends on the amount of paper you need to be destroyed. If you only need to destroy a few boxes, you can use an on-site shredding machine. These are perfect for small businesses with 300 pounds of paper or fewer. They can also be shared with neighboring businesses.


Regain Your Storage Space

Shred your personal documents from 89ยข /Lbs.
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Founded in 2006, Neighborhood Parcel developed a reputation for excellent service at affordable prices. We became the leading document shredding center in the Boston MA area thanks to the continuos referrals and our low flat rates. Our Mission is to be a solid partner in the business community and to offer affordable shredding service alternative for residents and small businesses. One pount of personal documents or a public storage location full of medical X-rays, we have the right shredding plan to fit your needs. With rates starting 89 Cents /Lbs, you simply cannot go wrong! For reservations and Customer service, call (978)636-0301