There are dozens of reasons why you should hire a shredding service company to handle the removal and destruction of your old personal documents. An estimated 8-15 million cases of identity theft wreak havoc on the lives of ordinary citizens and businesses each year. Professional shredding reduces your risk by completely and securely destroying sensitive information. Residential customers can use our convenient paper shredding drop-off location for a fast and inexpensive way to safely destroy sensitive documents. Or, for large amounts, residential customers can arrange for our convenient mobile off-site shredding services.

Whether it’s a home-based business, a small company with a few employees, or a large corporation with multiple locations and thousands of employees, you have sensitive material which, in the wrong hands, could damage or even cripple your business. If you keep records of various types, your company’s security could be breached if they are merely thrown in the garbage or viewed by the wrong people.

Shred Personal Documents

We are a Shredding Company That Comes To Your Home for all your residential shredding service needs. Whether you live in Boston, Brooklyn, Salem, Andover, Waltham, Worcester, Wilmington, or New Hampshire we come to your home or office to perform all Residential shredding services.

  1. We make house calls seven days a week, we come to your doorstep.
  2. Same-day & Next Day service is available throughout Massachusetts and parts of New Hampshire.
  3. We empty the contents of your boxes, files, or garbage bags into our truck.
  4. You don’t have to remove staples, rubber bands, or paper clips.
  5. One-Time service, Regular Scheduled Service, we specialize in house cleanups.
  6. Your shredded materials are 100% recycled.
  7. Call TODAY (978-636-0301) for an appointment.

Document Shredding Services Newton MA - Boston's Favorite Document Shredding Service

Homeowners and home offices need to shred their important documents for the same reasons large businesses do: to protect your credit, your privacy, and your identity. We offer an affordable and convenient Residential document shredding service to area residents and home offices; document shredding rates starting 89¢ / Lbs.

Residential shredding service is just as important a part of protecting your family these days as locking the front door to your home. To protect yourself from Identity theft you can’t just throw away your confidential information. Most people don’t have the space to store all of the documents that contain their confidential information such as tax returns, investment statements, bank statements, canceled checks, credit card solicitations, credit card statements, anything with a social security number, and other personal information that must be kept confidential.

Our residential shredding service comes right to your front door, please call us, email us for more information. Please feel free to review our frequently asked questions to help determine if any of our secure document shredding services are right for you or your organization. We offer secure shredding solutions for every confidentiality need. Contact us today for a free residential shredding estimate.

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Your trust is our biggest asset! Let us help you shred your old documents safely and securely, call us today (978) 636-0301
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