Rent Paper Shredder In Boston MA

Are you considering renting a paper shredder and destroying your own documents to save money?

Let us just say that this DIY project is not worth doing for more than one reason. While shredding your own sensitive documents can give you the peace of mind that the destruction is done correctly and maybe you find the sound of the shredder soothing, it is often a total waste of time and money. Unless you shred your old documents on the go and you do this task daily, a personal shredder will often take up your valuable time as it will jam or overheat every ten minutes and the cost of a decent paper shredder can be prohibitive.


Renting A Paper Shredder Does Not Make Sense

Besides the financial investment you will make in the equipment, you will find that shredding 3-5 banker boxes will take you forever to do. Plus who wants to deal with the excessive noise and the paper dust in the office? Here is why we think that renting a shredder is a waste of your time and money:

  • Equipment Cost:

Based on the latest market survey, a paper shredder that handles at least 20 pages/feed will cost you about $500 +/- Vs the cost of a professional shredding service around 89¢ /Lbs. The indirect cost you are facing is the cost of your lost time, daily interruptions, and loss of productivity. The cost of the rental of such equipment will far exceed the service cost by a third party. If you decide to invest in the machine, you and your business can face extra liability in employees getting hurt, absorb a big hit in your business depreciation line for equipment that you will use once a month, and watch it daily as it is taking up your valuable office space! So don’t rent a shredder, call the professionals at Neighborhood Parcel (978)636-0301 and have them shred your old sensitive documents for as low as 89¢ /Lbs.

  • Impossible To Rent A Shredder:

We surveyed the Bostonian Market in search of a local company that rents paper shredders and we came out empty. It does not make any financial sense to rent paper shredders because of the investment cost and transportation and logistics. In addition to the personal liability of customers getting hurt or destroying the equipment. An industrial shredder cost between $3 to $10K, requires a 220Volt power source, and weighs 2000 to 5000 Lbs! Transporting this size of equipment for short-term rental is simply impossible and does not make any financial sense.

Instead of renting a shredder, we recommend that you consider hiring a trustworthy company such as Neighborhood Parcel to handle all your sensitive documents and keep your company in compliance with the latest HIPAA and State Privacy Laws. All of our document shredding services have the most stringent chain of custody and come with a certificate of destruction. But if you love to watch your documents shredded in front of you and witness your old records being fed to our industrial shredder, then hire us for witnessed shredding service. You will get to sit back and watch us do the work and get the peace of mind you deserve. Our witnessed shredding service is similar to you renting our shredder but without doing the leg work or investing in pricy equipment. Our witnessed shredding service rates start at $1.69 / Lbs!

How Do I Rent A Shredder?

Here is how you can rent a shredder in metro Boston MA and Southern New Hampshire, hire us to shred your documents, and save your time and money. Consider our witnessed shredding service if you like to watch your sensitive documents destroyed in real-time and in front of you. Give us a call at (978)636-0301 or request a Free Quote

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