Drop Off Shredding

/Drop Off Shredding

Document destruction Drop Off location near Boston MA. Secure Document Shredding service that will save you up to 60% off Your next shredding job

Clothing Fabric Destruction Service

Neighborhood Parcel offers a unique Clothing and Fabric destruction service where we securely remove your material and properly incinerate it, leaving no traces behind. Giving you the peace of mind of protecting your trademarks, fashion styles and designs. Shredding your old designer clothing, excess inventory or Trademark designs will help you protect your brand and safeguarding it from your competitors. The entire process is well documented from pick up at your door step to the final incineration.

The True Cost Of Data Breach for Business

The intentional or unintentional release of secured and confidential information that involves the transfer, copying, viewing or stealing the information is called Data Breach. There are many different types of data breaches as well as a variety of motives behind these. A data breach can be a result of a personal grudge that will lead to Identity theft, Credit card and Health information breaches or it can be organizational competition in which the company’s secret documents, finances, ideas and intellectual property is stolen.

Protect Your Identity With Residential Shredding Service

Every day of your life, you’re throwing unwanted stuff into the trash can. Most of it is genuinely trash—coffee grounds, remnants of meals, empty pet food cans and so forth. Along with that sort of trash, you’re ridding your home of paper clutter such as paid bills, store or ATM receipts, and junk mail. This paper clutter seems so worthless to you, it’s actually hard to imagine that someone might go through your truly nasty real garbage to find it, but the fact is that identity thieves will do just that!

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