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Document destruction Drop Off location near Boston MA. Secure Document Shredding service that will save you up to 60% off Your next shredding job. Why waste your time and money on a persona shredder when you can bring your documents to us for same-day shredding service. Shred what you want, when you want and avoid paying transportation charges. Drop-off shredding service rates from 89¢ /Lbs.

How To Shred Old Documents

How to shred Personal documents you ask? Residential document shredding service is an important part keeping our day-to-day documents safe from the wrong hands. With the increase in identity theft residential consumers and small businesses have the obligation to properly handle the document with utmost security.

How Do I Shred My Personal Documents

For a long time, shredding personal documents was done through personal shredders. But soon enough, people recognized the limitation of small office shredders, mostly facing a large volume of personal documents that were collected over the years. Office shredders, normally purchased through Office Supply stores like Staples, OfficeMax, or Amazon are affordable and were designed to handle a very small volume. They often overheat, jam and make excessive noise and will often leave you with a big mess in addition to waste of your valuable time.

Clothing Fabric Destruction Service

Neighborhood Parcel offers a unique Clothing and Fabric destruction service where we securely remove your material and properly incinerate it, leaving no traces behind. Giving you the peace of mind of protecting your trademarks, fashion styles and designs. Shredding your old designer clothing, excess inventory or Trademark designs will help you protect your brand and safeguarding it from your competitors. The entire process is well documented from pick up at your door step to the final incineration.